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Behind the Scenes - The office / showroom.

Posted on 28 July 2014

One of the questions I get asked the most, is How do I operate Olive & Clover out of my home? Where do you store everything? 
It seems that most online stores are a secondary store to an already existing bricks and mortar shop front. But for me that is not the case, (or realistically an option).

I am very fortunate to live on a beautiful farm in the South West Slopes of NSW. Where my kids attend the local school & pre-school, & get to enjoy the benefits of living a 'country life', so at this stage, Olive & Clover is operating out of our home. It allows me to dictate my hours, work weekends or nights if I have to, in order to provide excellent customer service to you, whilst attending the needs of a busy family of five.

I blogged about the showroom here). But thought an update was in order to show you, how the 'showroom' is coming along and to show you where it is Olive & Clover is coming to you from.

I like to have everything out on display to show me what stock levels are like, and to make it easier to wrap, pack & send.

New season Megan Park 'Holiday' collection at front, with the every popular Saint James Tees and Tota Tunics and Shirts at the back.

It is not a very big show room, and I am a little worried as to where all the new Summer arrivals are going to go!
But with plenty of built in storage and cupboards there is always room for everything.
I always have a beautiful scented candle burning, so that all your garments have a lovely scent to them when they arrive.
Music is always playing (my go to album at the moment is Sheppard 'Bombs Away').
Every item is wrapped and tied with ribbon, at the wrapping station and everyday there is natural light filtering into the room through the shutters.
It is actually quite a lovely place to work.
As you can see sometimes it is very hard not to treat it as my own personal walk in wardrobe!

On a personal note: My middle child Pippa, lost her first tooth over the weekend. The build up and excitement about this milestone has been intense for this 6 year old. But we are all smiles now that the tooth fairy has been. 

I am also getting ready to pack for my trip to Melbourne this week for the trade fairs. I know it is work, but 3 nights in Melbourne by myself is sounding more like heaven then work!

Prue xx


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