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Hat Sizing & Care Info

How do I measure my hat size?

Measure your head where you expect the hat to sit. If you don't have a tape measure handy, use a string, then hold it against a ruler. Measure with care, as hat sizes are only about 1/2 inch apart. 











56 cm


7 1/8

22 1/2"

57 cm


7 3/8


59 cm


7 5/8

23 1/2"

61 cm


7 7/8

24 1/2"

63 cm


How do I clean my hat?

Panama hats are made of straw and it is best to use a pencil eraser.  If that does not work, a damp cloth, soapy water, or even baby wipes, can be used to spot-clean. Wool felt can be brushed, . Felt hats can be wiped with a damp cloth and the surface refreshed with steam, but please be careful not to misshape the hat when wiping.

How packable is "packable"?

San Francisco Hat Co design the best hats for travel and leisure, for sun and weather protection when and where you need it. Most hats are packable, whether crushable, rollable or foldable. 

Many styles are designed to fold in half and then roll or to gently fold and store. There is a thin plastic wire into the brim edge of many of the hats so that the brim wants to come back to round after packing. Generally, the slight distressing of a packed hat enhances its character. If a hat takes on too much character, it can be restored by holding it in directed steam for a few seconds, then reshaping. Always pack into luggage gently.

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